An Analysis Of Leonard Cohen's Poem Suzanne Takes You Down

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A change in our ways.

Leonard Cohen’s poem “Suzanne takes you down” expresses some interesting thoughts about the nature of man such as, what desires men have, what order of importance they put these desires in, ending with thoughts on the reality of this life. The poem lays out very strong examples showing which desires are sought after more, while at the same time showing the importance of both types of desires and the roles they play in the lives of men. The most dominant examples’ shown are those of the physical realm (possessions and touch) as found in the attraction of exotic things from other lands. A much more brief description of spiritual desires (understanding, knowledge, and peace of mind) shown through the actions of Jesus. The Juxtapose patterns found in the stanzas and refrains help to show the difference in thought towards the two, or as some would see it, the weaknesses of man.

The desires of flesh and the desires for possession have always been strong in men; they
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The second stanza is strong reminders that while men pay more attention to the desires or their own mind, they fail to see their own failings in life. Only after their eyes became open would they seek help. A great representation of this is found starting in (21-22) where Jesus is alone, not called upon but forgotten, until the time in which mean realise they are downing and have no life vest to keep them afloat. An excellent example of this is (23-26) give reference to the only time that men would see their own demise is also the time in which they would seek help. Foolishly then thinking that even though they did not remember him till the end that they are still good men represented in the second refrain. The truth is how long will this last? As expressed in (33) unlike the first refrain, the words “you think maybe” show
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