An Analysis Of Macbeth's Villainous Behavior

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William Shakespeare, a notable writer in the Elizabethan, wrote a play, Macbeth, for the pleasure of James I, the King of England, in 1606. The play initiated with a heroic man, Macbeth, who valiantly fights the enemy in his shining armor and glazing sword, but soon after the man turned onto a dangerous road in his path led by three daunting witches and his wife, Lady Macbeth, who deceived him and presented Macbeth his devastating fate at their disposal as Macbeth continued to crave the power of the loyal crown. However, some believe that Macbeth’s villainous behavior compares to the personal qualities , actions, and outside interventions of the notorious Disney villain, Scar, from the 1995 Academy Awards and the 1995 Grammy Awards winner
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