An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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From 1955-1968, African Americans in the south and other parts of the country begin to start a movement, called the Civil Rights Movement. This movement was to ensure that every African American and other minorities in the United States gained equality. Martin Luther King, Jr a popular civil rights leader wrote a letter during his time in jail which addressed the clergymen who criticized his actions with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Birmingham. In the letter Dr.King addresses the wrongdoings that African Americans suffer from and how he plans on attaining equality. Letter from Birmingham City Jail is a very important document which depicts information from post-slavery times in America, and birthed the Civil Rights Movement in the southern region of the United States. After slavery, African Americans in the United States, especially in the southern region of the country, went through plenty of hardships and oppression. African Americans…show more content…
The lack of assistance to these African Americans conveys how white Christian leaders were in favor of racial segregation, and had no problems with it. The letter that Dr.King wrote allows for people from anywhere around the world to understand the importance of the Civil Rights Movement, and why it was necessary for people of all races to participate in it. Martin Luther King Jr writes this letter originally because he is upset that the clergymen don’t understand why non-violent protests are being looked down on, and he clarifies why these protests must happen for African Americans. The letter has a significant importance because it gives plenty of information about that time period. Without Civil Rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, African Americans would still be separated and mistreated in unbearable
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