An Analysis Of Multiculturalism In Pictures By Rahila Khan

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Essay Pictures
Multiculturalism has become normality throughout the world. In many countries, there is a huge variety of cultures, all due to immigration. When immigrants move away from their motherland, they bring their culture with them. This is also the case in the short story “Pictures” written by Rahila Khan in 1987. This is the story of a girl dealing with the cultures in England. She have to deal with both the Islamic culture and the British culture every day. Her mother want to make her an Islamic girl. Can she go against her parent’s culture?
Amina is the main character, who is torn between two worlds and does not know what to do.
Amina is the main character of the novel Pictures. First of all, she is a young Muslim girl who lives in England with her parents. Her mom and dad are poor shop owner, who has dedicated their life to the Koran. They
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She respect them so much, that she throws away the card she had been drawing just to please them. This can be seen in the following example from the text; “In the end she had dropped it into the bin before pushing open the door of the shop….” (p.7, ll.11-12). Secondly, Amina won´t go against them, because she knows that would just start a religious conflict. Furthermore, if Amina choose to be rebellious against her parents, it would affect the family and their life together. Even though this seems to be the best thing for Amina to do. Her parents would start viewing her in a differently perspective. She would go against their culture and beliefs. She would rebel against her roots, which would lead to major disappointment from her family. They might not see her as their daughter. However, Amina would be doing what she really wanted to. She would feel some sort of freedom of deciding what to do, and not have her parents decide that for her. She would feel like a part of the English community. She would feel like normal girl, because Christianity is the main religion in
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