An Analysis Of Native Americans In Herman's 'Trail Of Tears'

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Herman’s family got raided and killed and kidnapped his brother and him. Another raid was the Cathertons when they killed everyone in the house except the baby so Laura and her family questioned if it was Indians that did it. Laura’s family also got their house raided. These are examples of the things Native Americans did to get revenge on the Europeans and make their lives harder than it needed to be. With all of this being said about the Indians and their history and what they have been through this all connects back to Hill Country. Within the story of Hill Country there are things that connect to the story of the Indians. The way Herman was kidnaped and moved to a completely different culture and environment can be connected to how Indians were removed from their homes and forced on the Trail of Tears. This could also be connected to Indians being forced into reservations. In Hill Country Herman struggles to fit back into society can be directly related to how Indians had to adapt to the American culture to fit in. Herman also struggled with the fact that people knew him as an Indian and people…show more content…
This connects to the way Americans felt like the traditional Native American way was wrong because they didn’t understand it. People in general tend to fear what they don’t understand; which connects Herman and the story of Native Americans because they both were misunderstood and people were afraid of both things to the fact that they wanted to eliminate what Native and Herman had become. Native Americans and Herman can also be compared together because they both went through hardships that most people or other races wouldn’t have survived. Even the physical and mental things that Herman and Native Americans went through can be compared because they both were brutal and unbearable but both found a way to fight
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