An Analysis Of Nella Larsen's Passing

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A wise poet once said “If you never leave the nest you will never find your wings”. If you're able to pass and you never leave home you won't be able to reach your full potential. Through the actions and beliefs of characters like Gertrude and Clare from Nella Larsen's Passing and Jack from Langston Hughes short story Passing, the advantages and disadvantages of racial passing within the 1920’s and 1930’s are explored. Passing was very popular during slavery times. Jackin the story “Passing” by Langston Hughes reason for passing was “ Make use of my light skin and good hair. It got me this job. Ma, where I still get $65 a week in spite of depression”( pg 1 Passing, Langston Hughes). Jack passed to get money because he had the features…show more content…
Characters clear and Gertrude in the Larsen's passing pass for many reasons. Clare thought passing was good because “you’d be surprised Rene how much easier that is with white people than with us “ (Passing Nella Larsen). Clare likes passing because she feels that whites accept thing easier than black do. But, would they accept her if they knew she was black? However, Clare dislikes passing because “ I want to see Negroes, to be with them again, to talk with them, to hear them laugh.” ( pg 25 Passing Nella Larsen).Clare still wants to be with blacks however, she did not say she wanted to be black. Clare still talks to blacks like Irene and Gertrude and their still Negroes even though their black. Irene's reasons for passing is “went in through the Draytons doors..”( pg 2 Nella Larsen). The Drayton was a restaurant for whites her being passing she went in and took the advantages of being able to be in the Drayton. Irene however, thought passing was disadvantage “security was the most important and desired thing in life”(pg 37 Passing Nella Larsen). Irene could never have security with being black or white. However, she has more security than being black. During this time the Jim Crow Laws were established. The Jim Crow Laws connect to Passing because the prohibited black and whites form using the same Facilities. For example in Passing by Nella Larsen blacks were not allowed to go into places
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