An Analysis Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In the book the Odyssey, it mainly talks about Odysseus’ journey home. His journey was very dangerous and involved many threats to Odysseus’ life. He encountered many supernatural being such as gods and goddesses and traveled to many different places including the underworld. Even though, Odysseus killed many people on his journey, Odysseus is a hero because he defeated all of his enemies, overcame many obstacles, and survived a dangerous, twenty-year journey. To begin, Odysseus is a hero because he conquered all of his enemies. He and his crew defeated the Trojan army and conquered Troy during the Trojan War. They won by sneaking in their troops hidden in a big wooden horse, which the Trojans thought was a peace offering, and sneaking out at night. Odysseus was very clever to come up with this trick. Another example of when Odysseus conquered his enemies is when he…show more content…
His journey was especially dangerous because Poseidon made it harder for Odysseus and his crew. Poseidon was mad at Odysseus because he stabbed his son, the cyclops, in the eye. Poseidon ruled the sea and most of their travel was by boat so it was notably a harder journey. One main reason he survived is that he was so determined to return to Ithaca so he could see his wife and son. He was away for twenty years, meaning he missed out on a lot of his family’s life. For that reason, he was motivated to come home even though, he knew it was highly unlikely for him to return home alive. In conclusion, Odysseus is a hero because he survived a long, dangerous journey home. Overall, Odysseus should be considered a hero. Some may argue that Odysseus could be considered as a psychopath but he is considered a hero because survived a long and dangerous journey in which he risked his life multiple times. Also in this journey, he defeated many supernatural creatures that wanted to harm him. Therefore, Odysseus should be considered a
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