An Analysis Of Poem: The Empty Dance Shoe

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Vartanian 1
Ashley Vartanian
‘The Empty Dance Shoe’
The poem describes how a person has to take action to achieve what he or she wants in life. It discourages laziness and encourages one to put effort so as to get things done. It basically says that in life you can accomplish nothing if a person lacks a positive force that acts upon his or her life. Cornelius Eady uses comparisons in this poem in which one thing is likened to another. He compares life to different objects in the poem and the different obstacles that act as forces on these objects. Eady suggests that life is comparable to an empty pair of shoes. He further compares it with other objects like a leaf, a rock, a wart and a clown lying on its back. These objects are faced by obstacles which are comparable to problems faced in life.
A wart is a disease caused by a virus and it cannot just go away unless a person decides to do something about it like putting medicine on the infected parts the same way an empty pair of dance shoes will sit on the floor until given a reason to move. This is a comparison to life in that a person cannot just sit and wait for work to just do itself since there is some effort required so as the work to be done. A person has to show willingness to do work for the work to be accomplished. A person who is asleep and covered with wild hair feels lazy to wake up and has no willingness to wake up just like a clown knocked down flat by a sandbag. In life one has to overcome laziness and have
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