An Analysis Of Regret And Desiree's Baby

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Most people can live happily in isolation without the company of another’s presence and some can not. In three short stories by Kate Chopin, she explains how many people often make decisions out of pleasure, which eventually leads to dissatisfaction. With this in mind, the story Regret discusses how a woman rejected a proposal to live a life she later regretted. In addition to, Desiree’s Baby depicts how a young man decided to send his wife and child elsewhere because of their race. Including, The Story of An Hour which describes how a woman put herself through misery while trying to cope with her husband’s death. Kate Chopin reveals different aspects of these character’s lives that all respond in one common way, the remorse for their decisions.…show more content…
She immediately rejected a proposal, which would have later given her a longing, such as children. When Mamzelle gets the experience of care-taking her neighbor's children, she actually has gotten comfortable under the conditions. Only to mention, in the last paragraph her emotions show, “She let her head fall down upon her bended arm, and began to cry. Oh, but she cried! Not softly, as women often do. She cried like a man, with sobs that seemed to tear her very soul.” At that moment, she realized because she had grown an affectionate longing for children, that she should have made a worthier decision in her life to have her own adolescents to
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