An Analysis Of Reverend Maclean's A River Runs Through It

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To me Reverend Maclean’s final sermon in A River Runs Through It means that everyone will have someone the love go through something terrible, but we don 't know how to help. There are multiple ways that you can think about this. The issue at hand could be mental, physical, short-term, or long-term problem. Reverend Maclean 's sermon means that giving help can be very frustrating and at time hard to figure out. Mental help is the hardest to figure out. You have to try to put your self in the persons position and try to figure out what they are feeling. This takes time to do but if you finally figure it out, most of the time the person will reject the help. I 'm not sure why this is, maybe they don 't feel like you can understand the…show more content…
An example of a physical problem is what is going on in my life right now. For Christmas break my family took a trip to Colorado to go skiing, only for our trip to be cut short after my dad broke his leg on the first run of the trip. I had a lot more responsibilities around the house since my dad could walk. When he first had his surgery he could do much himself. He had to have people make waters for him, put pillows under his leg to elevate, make an ice bag to ice his leg to help will the swelling, and put a blanket over him and make sure to cover his for because it would get so cold. He was very sad for about the first week. All he could do was just sit and watch television for a week. This might sound nice for some people but it is the last thing my dad would want to do. He loves being out and about and round things himself. Once he started being able to do some things himself I took what I had leaned earlier this year and started treating him the same as I did when he didn 't have a broken leg. I would still help him do the things he couldn 't but I started letting him do things that he might struggle with but he could complete. This worked and I could see him start to feel better about himself. He stated to not feel like such a burden on everyone in our family even though we never through of him as one. Maybe Reverend Maclean was trying to say that it is hard to help people you love because we try and make things to complicated. Maybe the thing that the person we love
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