Why Do We Live Without Respect

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Society and respect are hooked together. A society cannot function without respect because of the following reasons. Respect is an offspring of altruism, a biological layer on the basis of society. Secondly, because it is the moral foundation of a human society. Above all, without respect, progress in a society is bound to hinder.
Respect is an offspring of altruism, a biological layer on human society. Respect, as well as altruism are factors that humans must encompass in order to thrive. The Selfish Gene written by an evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins proposed a pioneering theory of the evolution of genes. The author expounds that all biological beings including humans are survival machines created with genes. He argues that genes are, evolved by natural selection, selfish in a perspective that everything they do are all efforts to survive. Then rises a question, how is it that animals and humans are not always ruthless, fighting each other? Why do people save others’ lives while risking their own? Dawkins answers, it’s because of altruism, a biology of selflessness benefits for the genes of altruists.
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As William Ury states in his book, The Third Side: Why We Fight And How We Can Stop, “human beings have a host of emotional needs - for love and recognition, belonging and identity, for purpose and meaning to lives. If these are subsumed into one word, it might be respect.” Respect is an integral part of human nature. This is also proved by many philosophers. The first Western philosopher to acknowledge respect, Immanuel Kant, argued that respect for persons is the most important element of moral theory. His ethical theory states “all persons are owed respect just because they are persons, that is, free rational beings.” He emphasizes that humans are “ends in themselves” with an absolute dignity who must be respected. Respect is the core vision of order in a modern humanism and political
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