An Analysis Of Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Robert Frost wrote Nothing Gold Can Stayin 1923, just five years after World War 1. His original poem contains more ideas about the world ending and his political views. Frost freguently spoke out on international affairs in his sly way. The style of this poem is a narrative, because in this Frost explains that nothing, especially things that are perfect and beautiful, are able to stay that way forever. I think when you first read the title tha tyou may be confused to what it might mean, but as you read the poem you start the realize the meaning to the poem. I do not believe the poem's title is obvious, under the circumstances many people don't understand what "gold" is until you actually read the poem. Although there are no reptitive phrases,…show more content…
The basic detail of this poem are that things do not stay beautiful forever no matter what they are, meaning he left out that his message was the world was going end because he knew it might freak some people out. Nothing Gold Can Stay expresses any cultural details such as the behavior, dress or speech habits of a particular group or a historical period or event. Nothing Gold Can Stay is an example of reality. Frost seems like he feels very strongly about the world ending, and it may have the readers feeling very tense or scared about what message he's trying to get out. The theme of Nothing Gold Can Stay is about nature, and things changing. The main theme to me is, nothing stays beautiful forever no matter what it is. This poem really flows or slithers in a way that you just read through the poem without any stopping points. Nothing Gold Can Stay releases neutral sight impressions. Robert Frost uses a lot of Imagery throught metaphors, and it is very easy to see the sights as you are reading. All words that end a line have a word that they are linked to by
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