An Analysis Of Robot Invasion By Charlie Gillis

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Robots are becoming more common in everyday life. As people starting to worry about what this mean for their jobs, yet many have failed to think about the advantages the robots bring. An article written by Charlie Gillis explain what the advances of these robots mean and how they affect people jobs. Gillis tells how some robots could one day take dangerous jobs away from people. The article also give a few examples of how the robots could help people in their everyday lives; however most of the author source of research are bias to the robots upgrades. With the sources promising a different future in which robots will take many undesirable dangerous tasks from humans. The article “Robot Invasion’’ written by Charlie Gillis tells of the advancements of robotics. Gillis stressed that the experiments that the robotics companies are working to improve the robots to bring a future where humans and robots share the same work and home space. The article explain how the robots can take the tasks from humans that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult. The author mention a company called Kiva Systems and tells how this company have robots already being used in in shipping yards. It introduces a humanoid robot name Baxter that can be programed by a person. Baxter is able to addable to many; however the owner of the company that created Baxter explain their idea for the robot was not to cost more money “Instead we designed it with the cost in mind”(Gillis, 2012, p. 480). In the article
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