An Analysis Of Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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The book,”Copper Sun,” by Sharon Draper is a historical, sorrowful, and action packed story about Amari’s journey through slavery. The story starts in Africa, and progresses to where Amari’s final destination lies. There are many differences and similarities that encompass Amari’s homeland, and her slave life.

To begin, there are a variety of similarities with Amari’s homeland, and the plantation she now lives on. One of these such similarities, is that Amari lives in a shack, this is shown on page 89, and 90. Her houses in her homeland were similar, but were made of thatch, and wood, this is shown on page 2. Amari also had to do chores/work in both her village, and the plantation. In her homeland, she was able to collect fruits and cook, and on the plantation she was allowed to do the same.
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First, Amari in her homeland, was treated like a human, and was never treated like a object that could be replaced, But on the plantation, Amari was abused, and was even threatened to be sold to another slave owner. In her homeland, she was allowed to do what she wanted, but on the plantation, she would be punished severely for accidentally dropping a pie onto the floor, she was also punished for crying because tidbit was being used as alligator bait.

In conclusion, In “Copper Sun” there are a large variety of similarities and differences with Amari’s homelife, and her life on the plantation. Though the story does have its fair share of both, there are more differences than similarities, this story shows what slavery was really like behind the
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