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Stephen Vasciannie’s article ‘Dutty Wine’ is a controversy which is still debatable. The title of the article gives way to what the writer will talk about. There is ambivalence in his arguments, as it isn’t clear whether he is opposing or in agreement with the statement. His thoughts and opinion on the matter is well organized and argued, however he lacked sufficient evidence to sway the readers to take his side. The use of the anecdote is a good approach in beginning his argument. The diction and terms used however is up for discussion, as it can be seen to be too complex to readers especially because most of the readers are adolescents. Vasciannie centers his argument on the fact that dancing is a form of expression and also takes into account…show more content…
He outlines the problem which is the death of Tanisha Henry, which he states is caused by the dance, ‘Dutty wine’ however , the solution is what is up for debate, as to whether or not the dance should be banned or just the contests. The writer uses suitable headings in conveying his opinions to the readers. His arguments are logical, sound and valid as he states that there are no proof to whether it is the dance which actually caused the death of the individual. The writer uses an anecdote to start the speech. The use of the anecdote was a good approach in starting the article as it helped to grab the readers’ attention and also appeals to the readers’ emotions. However it can be argued that the use of the anecdote at the beginning also may pose a contradiction to his stance as it may sway readers to believe that he is in agreement to the banning of the dance, which is not the…show more content…
The diction used in the persuasive piece can be seen as too complex especially to readers who are of a lower level ability. An example of a term used in the text that can be of great challenge to readers is “post hog ergo propter hoc” which is a logical fallacy. There was no inherent biases to his argument as he gave recommendation at the end of the article stating that he would discourage those around him from Dutty winning, while at the same time opposing the decision to have a state ban on ‘Dutty Winning’; this made his argument balanced. There were valid assertions to his stance; this is seen evident in last paragraph where he says “I would need to know more about the real medical effects before supporting a state ban.” On the other hand there was inadequate evidence to support his claim. If there was more evidence to prove that ‘Dutty Winning’ is not a health risk then it would have been more effective in persuading the readers. Vasciannie conflates the medical experts’ opinion and the fact that dance is a form of expression and that person’s should be free to express themselves, to make his

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