An Analysis Of Steven Vogel's 'Grades And Money'

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Rags to Riches In the story “Grades and Money”. Steven Vogel, a college professor teaching philosophy at a small private college in the Midwest talks about students worrying about getting better grades, rather than learning the material. He discusses how back when he was in school students never talked about what their grade was in a class, and now that’s all kids talk about. He gives many examples of students being open about their grades. In the story he states “ openness about grades is probably healthier than the kind of highfalutin’ squeamishness we exhibited-but rather to explain the difficulty I feel in really understanding grades, in grasping what exactly they are and what they are for”. (Grades are Money pg2) Like stated before Steven Vogel is a college professor of Philosophy at Dension University, He wrote this article in the fall of 1997. The idea of…show more content…
If all the students are worried about is getting good grades to get those scholarships, then they are in school for the wrong reason. I believe that the point of going to school is to learn material not to take the easy route to satisfy yourself by getting good grades. I would rather fail something and learn from it, than pass with flying colors and not learn anything at all just because I wanted the money. Yes there is more of a reward for getting good grades rather than learning the material but what are you really getting out of it if you are not learning anything. Rags to riches, which means you might be the rag and at the bottom while you are in school, but if you learn something in school and work hard you while eventually be on the rich side of things. As you can see Vogel wrote the article to get across to people that their something needs to be done differently with our school systems. So that students will challenge themselves in school, learn the material and still manage to get the good
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