That Lean And Hungry Look Analysis

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In Suzanne Britt’s essay, “That Lean and Hungry Look,” she shares her thoughts in a most provocative, wittingly way. Britt compares fat to thin people and their personality traits. She comes off strong in her opinion of thin people. At first the reader may feel awkward and may be somewhat offended. She seems very strong with her dislike for thin personalities OR perhaps she is only making the fat personalities feel better. Britt quotes Julio Caesar by saying, “Thin people need watching.” (1) She feels they are untrustworthy, for they are most judgmental. Brilliantly, she uses sarcasm and humor to portray her feelings towards body image. To put it simply, thin people live a dull, rigid life whilst fat people live free and happy. At first, Britt seems angry at thin people. She makes snide comments about their life choices. She thinks they don’t know how to have fun or just relax. Thin folks aren’t even allowed to be nice, according to her. Her logic goes like this, “The main problem with thin people is they oppress,” (10) comparably, “fat people are convivial.” (12) Britt uses her life experience with her ‘thin’ friends and how they make her feel. She recounts the time her four friends, one being thin, were putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The thin friend suggested they…show more content…
It brings feelings of laziness, bad choices and poor diet. Thin; this word has a positive connotation. The first thoughts are healthy, good choices, fit and well groomed. Britt wisely takes those two words and flips the psychological affect they have on the reader. She uses the word, ‘fat’ in just about every sentence, making the word/thought seem more acceptable, appropriate, and likable. The intention of her essay is to make the reader think differently of being fat or thin. By adding humor with a touch of seriousness, Britt accomplishes what she set out to do. To make being ‘fat’ not so bad. However, being thin has a certain stigma in and of
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