An Analysis Of 'The Animal Farm' By George Orwell

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In this essay the following extract will be discussed from the novel The Animal Farm by George Orwell. A number of linguistic features are featured throughout the extract namely; pronouns, emotive language, repetition, whole part, synonymy, morphemes, hyperboles and collocation. This is done by a showing of the speaker using their wisdom in an attempt to persuade their fellow animal comrades as well as the reader through a speech. The animals must take this information, that the speaker has acquired and use it to their advantage for the future.

The use of pronouns as a linguistic feature is the first linguistic feature that can be seen throughout the extract. The speaker repeatedly uses “I” this can be seen in the quoted speech of; “I don’t think” and “I feel it my duty” to show that their opinion matters and that’s is why it should be heard by his comrades. “We” is also seen on numerous occasions throughout the extract, “we are born”, and “we are given” show that the speaker is one of the fellow comrades, allowing the speaker to be seen as an equal. The speaker uses pathos in the speech to emotionally hook in the listeners, by saying the fellow comrades once “our usefulness” is not needed they are sent to be “slaughtered”. This is used to get the message across to the listeners that would make them sit back and think. As animals themselves, being slaughtered is one of their greatest fears, the speakers adds on “with hideous cruelty” which now aids a visual stimulus, to
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