An Analysis Of The Closet In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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An allegory a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral. Metamorphosis that was written by Franz Kafka is a good example of an allergy because it is basically an inference about people coming out of the closet. People who have came out of the closet have been pressured to hide from society, they also had thought of running away. People who have came out of the closet have also gotten their families mad at each other.People that come out of the closet is an allegory to Gregor.
People who have came out of the closet are pressured to hide true feelings because society expects something different.In the book, the chief clerk said,“but that (having a sick day) would be extremely strained and suspicious as fifteen years of service Gregor had never once yet been ill. His boss would certainly come round with the doctor from the medical insurance company, accuse his parents of having a lazy son”(5). When Gregor thinks about how his boss would act if he says he is sick and he immediately wants to go to work. In the real world, people try to tell people who have came out of the closet, are expected to have like girls and not boys. Though pressuring people to hide from society is an allegory to the real world. people who have came out of the closet have had thoughts of
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People who have came out of the closet are pressure to hide true feelings like when the chief clerk gave a lecture about how Gregor should act. People who come out of the closet consider running away like when Gregor was planning his escape from his room. Family members get angry at each other like when the father was mad because the sister let the mother clean Gregor 's room.Learning about this will help you to in the future if one of your family members comes out of the closet, you accepted them and not to shut them out like Gregor’s family did in the
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