An Analysis Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott Rough Draft

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Michael Rivas Henderson CRW 19/March/2018 Montgomery Bus Boycott Rough Draft The Montgomery Bus Boycott was an important role of why all of the people of today all have the same rights as one another and there is no higher virtue to not just one victim but both of the victims. This event was definitely significant to where equality is today and it is the reason of why we all have equal rights as humans. At the time of this event there was a lot of segregation and people of the black community wanted integration so this was the first step to gaining the rights that they deserve as humans. From this event in history occuring there were many activists who wanted to have movements and stand up against the white community due to their upper power. I will explain the three points I have on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and how it put our society where it is with equality and righteousness also in my conclusion I will wrap of how this event was a good thing to happen and started the Civil Rights Movement to obtain rights that people of the white community. The Montgomery Bus Boycott had laid out the foundation to the Civil Rights Movement overall. Here is why the Montgomery Bus Boycott was such a tragic event moment in history and is why we all today are equal and have almost or exactly the same rights as one another. The event of the Montgomery Bus Boycott had defined people who were hypocritical to people of the black community. “Perhaps white Americans need this form of
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