Nothing's Changed By Pakistani Girl Poem Summary

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The two themes of both poem are similar, they both speak about the difference in race ( A Pakistani girl among English friends, and a black man between among white men), they both convey their deep feeling of how being different affects them, their life and the way people treat them. The two poems also speak about their identity but unlike the similarity of being different, They are opposite of each other ( The teenage Pakistani girl is confused and torn between two identities, but the black man knows who he is, It’s in his bone, he knows where he belongs). They also are opposite from each other in the way they feel towards their sad life, The Pakistani girl just gets on with her life, she did not hold grudges for anyone for the change that happened in her life, while the poor black man held such strong grudges to the white people for the inequality in the way they treat them, he wants to destroy them, watch them suffer just like the way they treated the black people. This…show more content…
It’s like they are in two different worlds one is in Pakistan/England. while the other is in the harsh life in south Africa under the white controlled government. This poem is about a black man who walked through his old neighbourhood (district sic -cape town) that has been destroyed by the apartheid government that declared it a whit only zone. Even after the apartheid’s end , district six was still(deep down) a place where black people could never feel comfortable.
He passed by a fancy restaurant that he knew (even without any sigh declaring it) that he was not allowed inside. Inside was a class of people he wasn’t comfortable with and vise versa. He then moves to the restaurant that is known to be for his kind, with cheap food, decor and even behaviour.
It ends with his furious anger and will to destroy the fancy restaurant because nothing has changed, with the apartheid or
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