An Analysis Of The Poetry Of Poed By Philip Larkin

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ANALYSIS OF AUBADE BY PHILIP LARKIN Philip Arthur Larkin was born in 1922. He died at the beginning of December 1985. His life therefore comprises a childhood in the 1920s, the stock-market crash and the Great Depression, the rise of Nazism and international tension in the 1930s, the second World War, postwar reconstruction and expansion. It is so natural, therefore, that, in keeping with the pronounced shifts in the political, economic, cultural and philosophical adaptations of the society he lived in, his poetry demonstrates a development in aspects of theme, attitude, and style from one volume of his poems to next. Furthermore, to make a coherent narrative of Larkin’s life his education and work life should be regarded. His father sent him to King Henry VIII School in Coventry, a good academic day school, where he stayed from the age of 8 until he left to become an Oxford undergraduate at the age of 18 in 1940. At school he was regarded as able but not having any remarkable ability, until he reacted the sixth form, when he began to excel in English. By the time he left school he had already begun to write novels, stories and poetry. After a while he became known. His reputation was further enhanced by the reissue of his novel Jill, in the same year. The Arts Council awarded the book a prize for ‘the best book of original English verse by a living poet published from July 1962 to 1965’ and in 1965 he was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for poetry. The next, and final,

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