An Analysis Of The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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A man cannot live his life knowing that he has committed a deed that had caused guilt in his mind and his heart. “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, is a story, and it is about a young adult who is scared not by the Old Man, but by the eye, that the Old Man has. He describes the eye as a vultures eye, and the eye has bothered him a lot. He has tried to kill the man because of his devilish eye, and goes to his house every midnight and tries to kill him, once he did kill the man, he got a knock on the door by the officers who suspected him of killing the man but he slowly rejected that idea, but the guilt of him killing the man ended up swallowing him into misery. “I can stand him no longer” by Raphael Dumas, is a poem about how a man hates another man, so much, that it is driving him insane. The poem shows us how even though the antagonist has nothing against the other man, the other man still loathes the antagonist because of his manner, and this drives the man, who hates the antagonist insane, and how at the end, his secret will never be kept quiet because his inner consciousness make everything hidden inside him, revealed. Both texts, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and “I can stand him no longer” show how no matter how much you antagonize another person, at the end, you will feel guilty for what you did and the guilt stays with you forever until you redeem yourself.
Both literary pieces implement the concept of guilt by using similar literary devices. The device in use of
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