An Analysis Of Tom Robinson's Trial

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The children begin to see the discrimination and inequality that is embodied by the Southern courts during their Tom Robinson trial. Jem and Scout find that the power of white men trumps the need for justice and fairness. Even if that white man is someone as untrustworthy and rotten as Bob Ewell. In the minds of the men witnessing Tom Robinson’s trial, there was no defense and nothing Atticus Finch says could change that. Tom Robinson was dead before the trial even starts. Jem and Scout find the differences in the way individuals react to poverty during the Great Depression. The Cunninghams are proud, even with their monetary deficit. Little Chuck little remains a gentleman even through tough times. Modesty and truthful are Tom Robinson’s attributes even though he is also poor.…show more content…
In fact, old Mr. Ewell and Mrs. Merriweather are far from the model Christians they are supposed to be. Mr. Radley’s treatment of Boo turns Boo into the shut-in stigmatized figure that he becomes. Mrs. Merriweather demonstrates her duplicitousness with an urge to help people who are half a world away but coughing up only hatred for the black people who reside in Maycomb. Mostly, the children find that they are easily swayed by the adults who walk through life with prejudice and they are nowhere near immune to the disease of exhibiting prejudice. With a greater understanding of how people behave, the children learn a valuable lesson from the thin lines that separate people acting right and people acting
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