The Jungle Failure

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Jr is about the life events of a lithuanian man named Jurgis
Rudkus and his immigrant family coming to a new dream. The young and energetic Jurgis set his life coming into the United States with his family chasing the American Dream. When the family enters the states they find themselves working in physical labor jobs. The young Jurgis is confident that he can go forward in his new American life and can increase his financial situation, but it only leads him to failure. This failure would be remembered because it would leave Jurgis with sorrow and a new calling to life.
By starting off in his wedding ceremony it only sets Jurgis and Ona back in the economic state. Finding out that many of their guests didn’t fulfill
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These characters are trying to make money quickly without thinking about their safety.
When Jurgis gets his first job in Packingtown in a slaughterhouse he gets good pay but he works for long hours(pg 35). Every minute spent in that slaughterhouse it drains all of Jurgis’s energy but he is still committed to live a decent life. Jurgis is committed to gain that type of living but the corrupt owners of the meat packing industry are trying to spoil all the American
Dream ideals for their gain. Even with the new house purchase that the family bought, it was full of hidden cost that family was fooled into buy. This new purchase had a lot of history because
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Grandmother Majauszkiene had see many families come and go from that home due the living expenses the families had(pg 55). These examples explore how American capitalism destroyed a family from that was trying to get a decent living in the United States. Capitalism was the reason why these people couldn’t get the best in life because capitalism gets and gets but never gives.
By not giving it simply murder a immigrant family trying to
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