An Analysis Of Wallace Stevens's 'Sunday Morning'

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Wallace Stevens a well-known American poet once said, “In poetry, you must love the words, the ideas and the images and rhythms with all your capacity to love anything at all.” In these lines, Stevens beautifully reveals that poetry is all about enjoying each line and each and every part of the poem as it would give you satisfaction and love to poetry as never before. Similarly, Stevens wrote a magnificent piece of work “Sunday Morning”, with various pieces of literary devices to enhance his poetry making it descriptive and enjoyable to read. For example, by the use of techniques such as symbolism, theme, imagery, and tone “Sunday Morning” displays the clash that the speaker endures as she questions the Christian religion and her discovery of love for nature. It is evident throughout the poem that the women has difficulty finding happiness in religion and enjoys nature finding it to be inspiring unlike religion that can be destructive and disappointing. Stevens’s use of tone and structure of the poem allowed the readers to better comprehend what the poem was really conveying. It is really hard to make someone feel what you want them to feel and follow their work. However, Stevens poem allowed us readers to better witness the poem structure as he deliberately wrote eight stanzas each consisting of fifteen lines. In addition, this poem lacks rhythm in order to ensure the readers confirm to the seriousness of the poem and can connect with the readers better. Also, the usage
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