Slave Trade: Love Story Of Escaping Slavery

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During slave times, there were many struggles and obstacles that African Americans were required to endure in order to survive in the deep south. Some accepted their fate while others would try and escape in order to live a better life. Almost anything that could help African Americans improve their life was tucked away for them to suffer instead. Surely, it was a hard time for African Americans. Many authors have written narratives in an attempt to capture the struggles African Americans went through. Although still fiction, they have proven successful in telling stories from the period in which they are based upon. While in class, we have read two passages written in this time period. These two passages include Wesley Harris: An Account…show more content…
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There are many ways in which the two passages are significantly similar. The first way in which both passages are similar is that they both portray a story about slavery. Both stories are based in the times where slavery was common and abundant. The first passages title states, "Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery." The second stories title states, "An account from the Slave Trade: Love Story of Jeffrey and Dorcas." This alone shows their relativity to slavery. Another way in which both the passages are similar is their characteristic of determination. Wesley harris shows determination heavily. While escaping slavery, he faces many obstacles. These bumps in the road, however, do not stop him from achieving his overall goal due to his wit and determination. Jeffrey and Dorcas showed determination by not giving up on their love when the odds weren't in their favor. Jeffery risked his life to even have a chance to have Dorcas by his side. Although, in the end, Jeffrey and Dorcas were separated, they both showed determination by not giving up when times were hard. The next way in which both passages were similar is that both Wesley and Jeffery were risk takers.
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In the first passage, Wesleys goal is to escape from slavery before being sold to a new master. This, however, was not the same goal as Jeffery and Dorcas. In the second passage, Jefferys goal was to persuade his resiliant master to purchase Dorcas and allow him to live alongside his true love. Along with this, another difference could be that only Wesley's goal was achieved. Wesley was able to successfully reach freedom after many struggles. Jeffery, however, was disappointed to find that his master could not purchase Dorcas and her family. Another difference is that Wesley was resilient and didn't give up while Jeffery was dismal and subdued. Wesley worked hard to achieve his goal even after experiencing hardships. Jeffery, however, gave up once he found that his master would not purchase Dorcas due to the fact that she was being sold alongside four other family members. While this is true, there are also many other differences. Another difference would be that Wesley was hurt physically while Jeffery was hurt emotionally. Wesley experiences physically pain such as violent beating and shooting. Jeffery, however, experienced heartbreak when he was told that he would not be permitted to spend the rest of his life with his true love. After experiencing this pain, Wesley was the only one who got back up to continue fighting for what
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