An Analysis Of 'Where Is Here By Joyce Carol Oates' Great Expectations

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Last year me and my family went to universal for horror night. We had decided to go the the Insidious maze last so we continued and went to all the mazes. When the time had came, it was time for the Insidious maze we (me and my family) were all nervous so we voted who was going to be in front of the line. And they all chose me so when we were up I walked slowly since it was pretty dark inside the maze. Everyone in front of me were yelling,screaming, and trying to run away. But as I continued nothing came or tried to scare me probably cause I was walking slow and looking around until the end when i had confidence it was over this man popped out from top in front of me. The transformation created fear because it was going smooth until they scared me. “House Taken Over”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, and “Where is Here” all use transformation to make the story better so it goes from calm and smooth until something goes terrible or the story gets scary.

Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where is Here” transformation scares readers because the story goes from being a nice happy day to a curious and scary day. This is effective because it causes readers to question their own house on who lived there, what happened in the house, and was her house haunted or visited by someone that lived there. One example is when the
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It’s effective because it scares the two of them and forces them to stay on one side of the house and make them move out. For instance “the sound came through muted and indistinct, a chair being knocked over onto the carpet or the muffled buzzing of a conversation”(p.39). This proves that the house being possessed by a spirit and scaring the people that are living and staying in the house. On the contrary, the chair could’ve fell because of
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