An Analysis Of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

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Dying Wish If one was to live in Oxford, Mississippi, there is a good chance he would gain something from his experiences there. Whether it be from the people he would meet, or the places he would go, there is a part of Oxford that will stick with him forever. William Faulkner was one of these people. Although he traveled many different places including Los Angeles and New York City, he chose to reside in Oxford. Faulkner gained the most inspiration from Oxford because of its rich culture. Yoknapatawpha County is said to be based off of the county of Oxford, Lafayette, where Faulkner grew up. The reader is able to see Faulkner 's variety of southern views shine through out his novel, As I Lay Dying. Addie Bundren, the mother, is close to passing away and her last wish is to be buried in Jefferson. In order to be buried there, her entire family must make a journey to get her body there. Over the course of the excursion, Faulkner highlights the Bundren’s complicated family structure through his unique…show more content…
For a novel to be considered of high literary merit is an unbelievable honor, and Faulkner accomplishes this merit in As I Lay Dying through his powerful style of writing and the development of the Bundren 's complex
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