An Ancient Gesture Literary Analysis

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In both ,''The Oddsey" and "An Ancient Gesture"the universal theme is grief,sadness and betrayal.Both Millay and Homer describe the sorrow that is caused by the absence of Odyseus.Grief,survival,and hope are some hardships the main characters endure throughout the story. In ,"The Oddysey" by Homer the character Odyseus is a crafty character motivated by his desire to be back home with his wife and children."Yes ,it is true,each day I long for home."I believe that odyseus has endured a lot,his wife and kingdom and have many grievances because of his absence.In contrast ,in"An Ancient Gesture" the story is narrated and details the mindset and actions Penelope takes."He learned it from Penelope,Penelope who really cried."I think that Penelope
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