Summary Of An Appeal To Maryland Voters For My Mom

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In the article, “An Appeal to Maryland Voters, for my Mom”, the author Chrysovalantis P. Kefalas, shows how his argument on why the ruling of the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional, is justified. Kefalas defends this action this action to show that despite religious views, authorities and laws should not hinder others from happiness and living a life that they desire. His argument take words directly from a widely used source to show that there is reason on both the sides of the law, and religion. He appeals to the Audience’s emotions by describing personal afflictions with himself and the beliefs he once had, and how his situation has affected his life as well as his family. His use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos give his argument a natural balance that can be seen from both sides, making it strong and effective. Kefalas gives the audience many…show more content…
His letter to his mother allows every audience member to think back on personal conflicts they may have had when it came to disappointing someone close to them. The detailed sadness and attempts to better/correct himself, puts the reader in a state of sympathy towards the author, allowing them to feel what he had gone through and effectively immersing them in the article. This use of Pathos benefits him as he effectively reaches his audience on a personal and emotional level, reminding them that though everyone is different, we are all still humans. Kefalas makes an effort to blend these emotions with his argument, making an attempt to win over his audience and bring them to his side. This effective strategy aims straight at the hearts of the readers as he/she must question if what they recently believed in, is truly humane and justified. His use of the quote from (Matthew 22:36-40) help him accuse the humanity others hold, and how they could allow their ‘neighbor’ to go through such emotional pains and
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