An Area Of Darkness Indian English Literature Summary

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The travel trilogy written by VS Naipaul comprises An Area of Darkness (1964), India: A Wounded Civilisation (1977) and India: A Million Mutinies Now (1990). These books were written based on his experiences from his first, third and fourth journeys to India respectively. While An Area of Darkness which describes the India of the 60s is a deeply pessimistic work- it conveys a sense of disillusionment which the author must have faced upon his first visit to India and therefore received flak from Indians for the negative tenor the book carries; India: A Wounded Civilisation, written during Naipaul’s third visit to India, prompted by the Emergency of 1975 is a realistic work- depicting the anguish and hurt India’s people suffered at the imposition of the Emergency by Mrs Indira Gandhi’s cabinet; India: A Million Mutinies Now includes an anecdotal narration which is specific in its description of India- while criticising the the Indian way of living, the book is optimistic about economic growth in India and its implication on Indians. These books belong to the genre of travelogues. This chapter will further discuss the relevance and inclusion of travelogues in popular English literature. Travelogue as a genre of popular English literature By definition, travel literature as a genre includes nature writing, exploration literature, guide books, outdoor and adventure literature. Some early records of travel literature include Description of Greece by Pausanias, written as early
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