An Argument Against Racial Profiling By Police

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The truth is no one regardless of race deserves to be mistreated by the police. The reality is that citizens did not merely prefer to live in neighborhoods with poverty-stricken housing arrangements, underperforming schools, substructures that are collapsing by the minute, few grocery stores that provide healthy options, and proper medical care. There were many factors that shaped those neighborhoods such as white departure, the black breakout of wealthier black citizens, no investment within the community, slack business loaning systems and government strategies that are allocating groundwork and public transport to certain parts of cities and not others locations. The people that are living in those communities, even at times stuck in those communities make decisions that are not the best for them or those connected to them. These decisions are made within that environment for the sake of survival. Instead of using racial profiling and discrimination in regards to law enforcement, we must really take into consideration that justice is for all. We must say that poor decisions are simply incorrect and the individual that breaks…show more content…
In continuing this vicious cycle, it sets the stage for tragedy and further catastrophe. As a result, this creates the feeling of anxiety that can lead to pretense and creates the nature of suspicion that surrounds people. This leads to the misconception and misjudgment that leads not only to police brutality, but feeds the beast of systematic racism. It enhances the spirit of racism that is prevalent across society. Within our police departments and system of justice, the issue of police brutality has been erected in ways that disproportionately impact poor, minority communities. That is acutely clear in these continual murders of our black brothers and

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