An Argument In Favor Of Gun Control In The United States

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Gun control came into play because guns were becoming a problem in America when in reality it is the people pulling the trigger that are. The laws of gun control are reasonable, but the reason to have more is ridiculous. For example, fewer suicides, police can handle everything, and America becomes a safe place. Even when these reasons are backed up with examples, they still are idiotic. One that got my irritation was for a reason on the internet to be, “gun control will lead to fewer suicides. Suicide is not based on weather you have a gun in your presence or not. There are many ways for people to end their life. It’s weather you want to live on this earth or not. Another reason is that police should be a the only ones that have guns. Not all cops are saints. Some do get arrested for doing horrendous crimes. How do you know that one cop is going to protect you? How do you know he is not crazy enough to shoot you instead of help you? It would be giving the bad cops too much power.…show more content…
Without guns, we would be kicked around by other countries. How did we free ourselves from Britain? Definitely wasn’t from beating them to death with sticks. We would have no chance against any country in a war without guns. The gun control laws that are present right now are helping, but too many of the gun control laws will get out of control. I only pointed out reasons that were absolutely ridiculous. There are some good ones that big guns shouldn’t be carried around by citizens, as well as kids might be able to access it. What sI can only say is people (even stupid) have the right to bear arms. It was the God given right since 1791. Guns are tools. You might not need them all the time, but you have one just in
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