An Argumentative Essay About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the most stimulating holiday. There is an extreme amount of food to see, smell and taste, along with emotions associated with seeing family. The whole feeling of Thanksgiving is warmer and different than most holidays.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and siblings stand in a circle around a table laden with food. Their hands are linked. When the prayer is over everyone's eyes pop open, and they look at the tables full of food.Weighing down one of the tables is the biggest, juiciest turkey with steamy, aromatic side dishes. To the right is an equally burdened table full of mouthwatering desserts. On the main table mashed potatoes over fill a giant, ceramic, white bowl almost to the point of overspill. A gravy boat sits faithfully beside the mashed potatoes, steaming like a …show more content…

They are bundled up and put in the room closest to the fire and with only a few complaints they fall fast asleep. The adults buzz around gathering dishes and putting food away. The men and aunt Shelly are in a hurry for the game, and they have all the food put away and the dishes done in no time.
After the game the children are bundled up and sent to find their shoes. Goodbyes are said and hugs are passed around with big, sloppy cheek kisses. It had been another successful Thanksgiving dinner, and there are already plans for who will host next year’s. After everyone is gone the rest of the family either takes a nap or sits on the couch. Making enough food for 30 people is hard work and everyone is exhausted. The house is a mess and will have to be cleaned before bedtime, but no one complains they are all too proud of pulling this off perfectly.
Thanksgiving is an overabundance of all senses. Whether it’s the smell and taste of the food, or the emotions after not seeing a certain family member for so long. During Thanksgiving there is an immense amount of sensory

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