An Argumentative Essay About Thanksgivings

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Do you ever wonder what your friends Thanksgivings are like? People celebrate many Thanksgiving. People have all kinds of activities going on during Thanksgiving. Some people for Thanksgiving, it might be only five miles, or it could be one-hundred miles. Other people do not even celebrate the holiday that is meant to come together and give thanks. Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to come together and give thanks. One of the most important topics with Thanksgiving is what are we going to feasting on. On my thanksgivings we always have turkey, even if we are travelling to a destination. Even though turkey is a big symbol for Thanksgiving food, my favorite food is my Grandma's mashed potatoes. She makes the best boxed mashed potatoes ever. There…show more content…
Sometimes we travel for Thanksgiving sometimes we don’t. Last year we went to a Steelers game in Indianapolis, against the Colts. Most years we go celebrate Thanksgiving at both of my Grandparents Houses. Although, this year is different. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at our house this year, and all of my family on my dads side will come as well. Other people also travel during Thanksgiving. Some people travel to get away for the holidays, others travel to visit family or friends. Some people can travel the smallest distances like five miles. Some people also travel to places far away to places like Florida. Some people don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving, so they travel to places during Thanksgiving, rather than Christmas, because traveling is a lot busier during Christmas. Thanksgiving is a holiday made for coming together and just giving thanks with friends and family. That is why it is called Thanksgiving. There are many traditions people have during thanksgiving. That could include the food they eat, what activities they participate in, or just travelling to the same place every year. Even if people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving they can still have traditions. For some people thanksgiving is not a time to give thanks, for some people Thanksgiving is a way to get away from people, but there is a reason we have this holiday. It was created to give

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