An Argumentative Essay: Adaptation Of Fahrenheit 451

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Adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 to an argumentative essay Adapted by Emre Atatanır TR 111.01 People have struggled for power since they have started to live in groups. First, they came together, establish a system that would work, and then try to keep it stable. When they try to do that, sometimes they may think that the ends justify the means and they cut across all boundaries that block them. Therefore, to control the society, a ruler wants his subjects to follow him whether his decisions are correct or not and to do so he would try every plausible option. For example, he tries to wash people’s brain in a sense through chanting slogans, subliminal messages, and censorship. Though these techniques seem to have been used recently, they were imposed in different ways in the past. Thanks to technology, means of brainwashing and oppression have varied in modern times, and the superior minds who want to establish dominance over society have started to…show more content…
Accepting that it has facilitated our lives and achieved unimaginable breakthroughs in reaching the knowledge, I believe it is being used to social conditioning by getting people accustomed to tools which they do not need. These tools start to seem indispensable in daily life, so if people want this to maintain in that way, they should not cross the borders technology draws. As in the television and “family” case, we see how this cycle recurs. Breaking that cycle may not be easy because it has changed the some people’s identity and turned them to soldiers protecting the cycle. Those are generally who are afraid of giving up what they have and afraid of being labelled as traitor. But with the help of intellectuals writing and conveying their ideas, we can start a nonviolent resistance to this technology addiction. Thus, we block the abnormality and return to our natural life cycle where we share ideas and discuss to choose the best way to develop our
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