Story Of A Lover's Chase Analysis

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Recreating a myth
An Echo in the Shuffle
(Story of a lover’s Chase)
It is a story of a lover, a selfless one. It is a story of perseverance and persistence, of patience and passion. Love turned into a desirous need, lasting forever. It is a tale of day and night, of Sun and the Moon. Time had just begun, Artemis, the moon was fascinated by his changing phases. He was then known as The Waxing Crescent. Therefore he knew nothing of what was coming for him. He had started his orbit around the young Earth and he loved how the rays of light shone on him, increasing their intensity day by day. Until the day he had a glimpse of Cira, the Sun.
That was the time he got to know of real beauty. He was but attracted to this flawless epitome of awe. He realized the real reason behind his completeness. He had turned into a full moon for the first time and he could feel happiness dripping out of him. His enthusiasm was matchless and Cira was now his need. He had fallen for her deeply.
On the side of the picture, Cira was the light to everything. Without her everything seemed incomplete. That was the reason why she was proud and ignorant of love and acknowledgement. Though she could cast light on everything in the world, she was ferocious in her own skin. She could burn anything that would come closer to her. In
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We see its signs till date. The blur blotches we see on the face of the moon are not just mere marks but they are the scars Artemis has due to a broken heart and a weak soul. On the nights when the sky is red, that is when Artemis bleeds in pain. It is when we know he aches for Cira’s love. Also, when it rains at night, it is not because the weather is bad. It is when Artemis cries his heart out, the time when he actually lets out all the despair in the form of tears. It is for us to know that Love is not as simple as it seems. It is an ordeal, a delusion. You not always get what you desire, rejection can always be
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