An Effective Argument Against Prescription Pill Addiction

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“Addiction is a chronic and compulsive dependence on a substance such as alcohol, drugs, or nicotine” (“Addiction”). Addiction has become a significant issue across the nation and has become a very controversial topic among many. Addiction is a simple process that many don’t even see happening until it is too late. The way the human brain is structured it will do whatever it takes “to ensure that individuals will repeat behaviors necessary to survival and well-being” (“Addiction”). Addictive substances stimulate the brain to produce more dopamine and it tricks the brain to create feelings of well-being. “Without extreme amounts of dopamine, addicts feel lifeless and depressed” (“Addiction”). In his article “Many People Are Addicted to Drugs That Were Prescribed for Them in the Past,” Randy Turner…show more content…
Statistics show a large increase in these prescriptions being filled according to my article…“In 2000, American retail pharmacies dispensed 174 million prescriptions for opiates; by 2009 that figure had climbed to 257 million, an increase of 48 per cent in less than a decade....” (Turner). That is a very dramatic increase for just one decade in time. With the ease of access to this medication being easier to obtain than ever before the market to illegally obtain these drugs is increasing as well. In the article “ Many People Are Addicted to Drugs That Were Prescribed for Them in the Past” the fact the market to obtain drugs illegally is increasing is supported by this quote “Last year, 63 per cent of people on prescription drugs strayed from doctor 's orders or sought out pills that weren 't intended for them at all”(Turner). This statistic shows that a majority of people are able to obtain these prescription medications without the actual prescription thus feeding addiction or recreational use that could potentially lead to addiction in the
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