An Effective Essay On Classroom Management

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Teacher’s most important job is to create and manage the conditions where the students can learn. In order to do this, skills of classroom management will be the key to lead classes successfully. Teachers’ attitude, intentions, personality and relationships with the students influence the classroom management. Common areas for classroom management are: activities, grouping and seating, authority, critical moments, tools and techniques, and working with people. Therefore, classroom management involves both actions and decisions. Since there is no perfect lesson or one correct way to conduct a lesson, teachers have to observe and read their classroom events, think and make appropriate decisions while events occur, and turn those decisions into effective actions. Classroom management through planning…show more content…
students falling asleep in class, being disruptive, etc.) To solve these issues, using two types of activities may be effective. Two types of activities are “stirring” activity and “settling” activity. A stirring activity makes students move around, think hard and talk a lot. On the other hand, a settling activity has students sitting quietly and listening, or writing. For example, if students are too exited or too stressed at beginning of a lesson, starting with settling activities will let them focus their mind on English. For situation like students start to drag in the middle of an afternoon class, conducting a stirring activity at the halfway point will bring back their concentration. Thereupon, teachers can build these into their plan, but they have to know the personality and pace of the class. In addition, if students need discipline of incentives or penalties, activities can also be thought of in terms of rewards and consequences. This could be achieved by means of planning and sequencing

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