An Enemy Of The People Review Essay

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Name: Sal DeDona

An Enemy of the People Review Study Guide

Part A: True or False? Act 3 (Section 1 of 6)
Directions: Write "T" (true) or "F" (false) in the blanks. Rewrite any statement that you have determined to be false in a way that will make it true. Then discuss your answers with a partner.

T 1. Thomas Stockmann has written an article for the town newspaper about the water pollution problem.

T 2. The Mayor describes his brother as a madman who is trying to blow up the town's wonderful way of life.

F 3. According to the Mayor, the private business that built the baths would pay for any necessary reconstruction.

T 4. The Mayor is not able to turn the journalist’s against Thomas Stockmann.

F 5. Thomas Stockmann expects the people to praise him when his newspaper article is published.

Part B: Giving Reasons Act 4 (Section 2 of 6).
Directions: Complete each sentence based on the events which unfold in Act IV. Then share what you have written with a partner.

1. Captain Horster lets the meeting take place in his house because:
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What does Thomas mean when he states “The most insidious enemy of truth and freedom

Part D: Considering the Resolution to the Drama Act 5 (Section 4 of 6)
Directions: Write your answers to these questions and share what you have written with your group members.

1. The truth remains Dr. Stockmann's guiding principle up to the very end. Explain how the following people try to challenge his belief in the truth.
a. Morten Kiil
b. Peter Stockmann
c. Aslaksen and Hovstad

2. What in your opinion is the message that Henrik Ibsen communicates in his play? Who is the hero in his play? Who is the "enemy of the people"? Why?

Part E: Discussion Questions (Section 5 of 6)
Directions: Write your answers to the following questions, you may confer with your table group members, but be sure you understand the answer as
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