An Equal Shot Big Fat America Summary

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The central issue with consumers gaining weight is fast food industries, and the fact that fast food industries withhold information about what a consumer’s food contains. This leads these industries to increase their food portion sizes then later sell it for a cheap price, and surround many communities with fast food restaurants. The majority of industries do not label their products for the reason that, consumers will think twice and no longer buy their products. Furthermore, food industries unreasonably increase their food portions because they know it will attract consumers. Among it all, many fast food restaurants are placed in low socioeconomic communities to design an approachable way to get a hold of a meal. The fast food industries are the main factor of the epidemic of American obesity. Fast food industries are well aware of consumers not being well educated on the products that are being sold. In every local fast food restaurant, there are many consumers entering and ordering meals, but do they know the meal they ordered has been altered? In the article An Equal Shot:Big Fat America by Michael Maiello it states,“By all means use pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modifications, just tell me you’re doing it and I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis what I think is appropriate” (Maiello). Local…show more content…
No matter where people go, there are always a fast food restaurant or vending machines filled with unhealthy products everywhere. A Yale University psychology professor states, “While you’re pumping gas you punch in Fritos, the Twinkies and the Coke, and somebody brings it to your car. So the physical activity required to go in and get is eliminated.” (Murray). Fast food industries make it difficult to prevent obesity from local communities, since fast food restaurants are placed at every corner. Many fast
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