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Traditionally a chef is always pictured wearing a tall pleated, white hat holding a ladle in his hand. According to the dictionary definition a chef is “responsible for planning menus, ordering food stuffs, overseeing food preparation and supervising the kitchen staff or any cook”. In general a chef can be defined as a kind of highly trained food preparation specialist.
On an ordinary day in the life of a chef, he will be found in his kitchen, checking the freshness of the food, determining the presentation of food, ensuring quality of each meal, coordinating the activities of cooks and inspecting kitchen equipment. Chefs are principally responsible for overseeing the daily works of the kitchen, but their duties often extend well beyond the kitchen. What specifically distinguishes a chef from a regular cook is his ability to design new dishes and refines the old recipes. In other words the chef is an inventor. Without the chefs, people would probably never knew the hundred kinds of taste for example of one of the versatile and universally loved ingredient, the humble chicken egg. Fancy the brilliant culinary invention of meringue pie, toasted marshmallow, French toast, scallion egg drop soup, eggs benedict bake, croquet monsieur strata, crunchy breakfast wrap, all considered a culinary masterpiece with a humble main ingredient an egg. As the
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Imagine a” chilled spring pea soup, a mix of sweet peas, favas, pea shoots, snap peas and snow peas, a perfect dish for a spring menu” or Pan-fried salmon with baby broccoli, a perfect fall dish. The consumers often hesitate what to choose from the menu, and usually ask for chef’s special and it’s easy for us to just say “the special of the day”, without thinking much how many years took the chef to create his signature dish. To become a chef can normally take up to 20 years of professional practice in the kitchen and the training prepares the chef for delivering a superb

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