An Essay About A True Hero

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True Heroes When a person thinks of a hero he/she may think of someone who has risked his/her life to save somebody in danger. For a person to be a hero, most people believe he/she should look danger in the face and laugh. To most, a true hero could be a wide range of things, from a police officer to a firefighter. A true hero is not necessarily one who risks his/her life for someone else. A true hero is a person who looks adversity in the face and accepts its challenge. A true hero is a person who tirelessly and effortlessly devotes themselves to the well-being of everyone around. A true hero puts their happiness on the line to make sure others will be happy. Some heroes such as my mom, dad, and brother, Brandon, may be forgotten by the world but will never be…show more content…
My brother Brandon came into my life when I was only a little girl. I was still afraid of the world and unsure of the future, so when I first learned my brother was saving lives I was beyond ecstatic. My first thought was that my brother…show more content…
He lived during the time of the Trojans. According to myths, Achilles was part human and part god, also known as a demigod. People believed he was invincible and could not be killed. Achilles was a hero to his army because he was able to bring Troy to its knees ultimately causing it to fall. He is remembered because of Homer’s literary works. Without Homer writing his epic poem The Iliad the myth of Achilles and his heroic efforts would be lost to the generation that followed the fall of Troy. Achilles is remembered, along with the Trojan horse, as a key factor in the fall of Troy. He was a great inspiration to his men, the Greeks, and even the Trojans that he defeated. He will be remembered for generations to come as long as The Iliad is in print or as long as people are willing to talk about him consequently carrying on his

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