Alien Abductions

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Next from CNN there have been sights of aliens located 4 miles South of county road 3 stay tuned for for more. Meanwhile authorities are advising all citizens to stay in their homes until further notice (Putill). Aliens have unique characteristics and an interesting history. There is evidence verifying that people have been abducted by aliens. Some people believe in alien abductions, while others do not. The media mainstream supports alien abductions. The start of alien paranormals began during the ancient times and still going through today. The first UFO seen was during 1450 B.C. (Natalie). Alien Paranormals are believed to begin during the 1940’s and 50’s when the Space age was among the humans (Natalie). “Alien abductions became mainstream…show more content…
About five percent of people say that they have seen a UFO, and about 7 percent believe in UFO’s but have never seen one (Linda). Right after World War II there are some sights of aliens that people have reported on Earth (Strieber 94). The believers of aliens have tried to collect a good amount of information on what aliens look like, act like, and what they will do to their abductees (Clancy 71). To be sure, aliens are starting to come to planet Earth because they have wrecked the planet that they have been living on (Natalie). A way that people find out if they have been abducted by aliens is that they have trouble source monitoring (Clancy 71). The process that aliens do to people is to stare into their abductees eyes and soon they are able to hack into the person’s mind and change things (Natalie). Then they will take samples of their body tissue to get more information about them (Natalie). The reason why aliens abduct people is so that they can try to make a new alien race that looks human (Natalie). Also, they will abduct babies so that they can play with the baby aliens and train the aliens to do human things (Natalie). Aliens have also sexually abused female humans from different communities (Clancy…show more content…
There are some people that think they have been abducted but they are being dishonest hoaxes (Purtill). Some say that the hoaxes of aliens are just rumors bing spread around and the damage that people think aliens are doing humans are doing (Purtill). Hoaxers have been hunting for aliens with traps but the hoaxers think that they might be getting fooled by the public (Purtill). Many hoaxes of UFO sightings have been spread around in the last couple of decades (Purtill).
IV. A. To start, a number of books contain information about extraterrestrials. A very famous person that was abducted by aliens was Whitley Strieber and he wrote a book called Communion about how he was abducted by aliens (Clancy 100). A couple that was abducted where Barney and Betty Hill and their case was shared in a book called The Interrupted Journey by John Fuller (Clancy 96). The andreasson Affair book featured Travis Walton’s story of how he was abducted by aliens (Clancy 99). Another book about Travis Walton’s story called The Walton Experience which explained about his case (Clancy 99).
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