An Essay About Being An American

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Being an American means believing in freedom and fighting for it. An American does not have to agree with all of the government’s decisions, but they do have to believe in the principle of freedom. Being an American also comes with a certain pride, which originates at the country’s very origin. Being an American is about Freedom – The quality or state of being free. It’s about having the freedom to pursue your dreams and desires within the law. Some people dream about being a lawyer or a doctor, while others dream of being an astronaut, a musician, or even a professional beat-boxer. All of these are dreams which people are free to pursue in this country. America has a long history of fighting for freedom and different rights. It has continued to expand its people’s freedoms from women’s voting rights to simply protecting the country. The founders of this country were, in a large part, Christian. They knew that the most important thing in life was and always would be God. They knew that the only way for a nation to…show more content…
It can be seen in the media, the government’s decisions, and the moral values of everyday people. It is disheartening to know that this country has even hidden the murder of nearly fifty-seven million babies by labeling it “abortion” and denying the undeniable facts of their life in the first place. The government has also been denying the people certain freedoms in ways such as gun control and monitoring of cell phones. Though it all seems like a dark door that is nearly closed, there is still a crack of light coming through. There are still people who hold doors open, presidential candidates who are open about their faith in God, and still that same Constitution residing in the background. So there is still a reason for pride and the belief in freedom. Though the day could come when even these small things cease to exist; and that day would be the day pride should ease to exist as

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