The Influence Of Fake News

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The truth is a difficult thing to understand, so many people think the never lie and only tell the truth, but they are wrong. Everybody lies, even when they don’t think they are. Some people can’t tell the difference from a lie and the truth. That is one of the reasons why fake news is believed by so many people. Because so many people believe fake news it has affected our community in ways people didn’t think was possible. The one big question many people are asking is, why people are creating all of this fake news. Many people believe and are affected by fake news negatively each day. There are many reasons why people write these article and they have affected our community in many different ways. There are many people today who…show more content…
“But why go through all the trouble” (BBC). This has been the big question and investigators have been trying to figure out. They have found one big factor to why fake news is created, the money. Fake news creators will work for a company and if their article gets a lot of views and becomes very popular they will get payed. One author received $10,000 because his article was a huge hit. That is a huge amount of money. People also create fake news because it might be enjoyable. Fake news is spread in a way that not many people thought it was. These articles get transferred from small websites like a little blog to a huge website like CNN or even public news centers. They also get popular by social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. The authors are starting to edge away from ridiculous and funny stories to more believable stories that seem real. These more believable stories have really started to get a lot of views and hits on social media and other websites. Overall the one big reason why there are so many fake news creators is because of how much money you can make but fake news has really affected people’s lives in a negative
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