Narrative Essay On Love Yourself

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“Love Yourself” I usually don’t have many life lesson stories, like my grandparents. You always hear how a person climbed a mountain and faced their fears, but mine isn’t facing my fears, it’s me learning how to love myself and cope with all of my imperfections that I have. My grandma always told me, “Love yourself… because you are the only one that can control your attitude, the way you feel, mindset, body, and the way you live your life, whether it will be successful, or unsuccessful.” She always helped me through my ups and downs, and when she passed away, I was devastated, but I had learned from her to be independent, and very strong. She never failed to lift me up. I had to learn to be her as in have her attitude, personality, and mind as she did. When I was younger, I didn’t really have any friends (even now I don’t have much) my only friend was Johnny, and he is still my friend till this day, and also Ingrid and Analiese! All the…show more content…
I wore my favorite green top to school, last year, and everyone loved my top, but when those same girls saw it, they didn’t think the same. They started to say mean things, then everyone else joined in. That was when my best friends were there for me. They helped me when no one else did, and I knew I was blessed to have them, and I didn’t care what they thought, I loved that top, and no one was going to stop me from wearing it! I was confident, and felt good to wear something so bold when there was always sameness. Here, where I live, you get shunned for doing something different than how it really should be done. Well, I was tired of blending in with the crowd, and I made a statement when everyone else was too scared to. That day, when I wore my lime green sweater with jewels around the top of it, was the day when I made an impact on not only myself, but others, too, and I felt proud for
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