Mandala Symbolism Essay

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Mandala this has been historically significant to many ancestors some of which is the tibet, used 2,000 years ago. Therefore Mandala is a piece of art that represent either someone's culture or their perspective upon simple daily things that is significant to them holding a story behind what’s within their mandala. As for, today's mandala’s they are highly popular it can be hung in rooms , used at the beach and put to other uses. But one thing they have in common is they all reflect upon the person with it, allowing others to know they favorite patterns,colors or designs. So based upon the meaning and information gathered about mandalas I have chosen to create one that is about me, letting others have an insight on my life O’ ko’u inoa O’…show more content…
I have within my mandala various symbols that tell a story of my life.The first symbol is located on the left of the middle circle. I have chosen this to be waipio valley,hamakua. This was one of the symbols that represents a part of me. Waipio was a place where I have gone when I was little. My grandparents took me here. I was so amazed on the view from the top as I looked down I could see the beautiful ocean crashing upon the black sand that laid upon shore. I was determined that day. I begged and begged my grandma and grandpa to go down. They sadly said no the next minute and hours my day was blue as I took a picture after i pouted.I wanted to journey down and touch the water feeling the fresh mountain water along my feet and see the lopsided mountain. That day was when I knew I wanted to travel to see other places within the island and as I grew older I fell in love with the idea of seeing other exotic places with new but historical landmarks. The awe of the view left me speechless. The mandala on the other hand had also helped me remember the time of this event and all the trips I have came across. So one day I will go to waipio valley and feel the love and joy that I once did when I was
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