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Manganiyars are Muslim communities in Sindh, Pakistan and in the desert of Rajasthan, India in the districts of Barmer and Jaisalmer, along the border of Sindh province of Pakistan. They are exclusively a hereditary community who make their livings as musical performers for the Rajput patrons which they have been serving from generations. Manganiyar’s patrons are mainly Hindus and majorly Rajputs. The Manganiyars Believe that they have the blessing of god which helps them in singing and they want to keep these blessing with in their own community that’s why they don’t teach people from other community where as in their family from childhood the music is detected and imbibed alongside the mother’s milk. There are various public activities that enable the villagers to practice and hone their skills. The music is an essential element of functions like weddings, engagements, and births. There
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They follow Islam as their religion. Like variant hereditary caste of musicians, they cultivate strong relationship to their patrons. Since generations they give their musical service to their patrons to receive cows, camels, goats or money as gift. On the other hand side they perform as record keepers and keep the various family histories alive through their songs, supported pure oral tradition.
Belonging to the Muslim religion the Manganiyars are supported by the Patrons (The Rajputs of the nearby areas for they sing for.) Manganiyars call them Jajman. The Manganiyars sing the praises each of the great Sufi saints and praises of Lord Krishna the avatar of Lord Vishnu. These fabulous genius musicians mix the popular mystical and secular traditions of the desert with those of the courts of the maharajas. They carry on a spiritual and courteous art qualitative analysis from the middle

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